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tonight the washington area braces for a heavy doseof rain while some parts of the southeast are already under water. first, though, a terrible accident in which a bus fell more than 40 feet from the highway flyover. good evening. i'm jim bents. >> and i'm maureen gentzler. the tour bus fell 45 feet over the side of a hill on interstate 270. one person was killed in the
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crash, several others re trapped, and 270 was closed for five hours, clogging the evening rush hour way into virginia. >> this is a look at the crash site from chper 4 tonight. interstate 270 north reopened about 90 minutes ago. traffic now is finally getting back to normal. jack bensen is at suburban hospital where family members are arriving to be with the injured. we're with craig where it was just a news conference. craig? >> reporter: we'll get to that news komps conference in a secot everybody on the scene said it was horrifying to see the bus on that embankment the. they're going to be working with the marynd state police hand lipg the investigation, and they told me a short time ago that it could be some time before we know what happened.
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>> it was just before 4:00 that the bus fell over the flyover. >> i think it just slipped over there. >> moments later, other people who had pulled over started screaming. >> those are the kids, those are the kids. ey all were screaming and some of them were out and then they were handed to me. i just stay with them. >> reporter: the kids would be okay. they were part of a tour group headed back to the york springs, pennsylvania area. >> we understand they had been in d.c. for the day apparently visiting the national mll and the national zoo. >> in all, 12 people were taken to area hospitals. some of the hurt were children. two cars trying to avoid e crashing bus slammed into each other on 270. everyone who was taken to the hospital is expected to be okay. but the man driving the bus ded at the scene. 66-year-old joseph a. claybald,
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jr. at this point pple are not sure if a medical emergency led to the crash or if claybald died of trauma. though it may be days or weeks before they learn how, they think they have a pretty good idea of what happened. >> we believe the bus came through the guardrail, struck the new jersey wall abutment on the sky ramp, came down over the em babankment embankment, turned horizontally with i-270 over here, and then did a complete roll and ca to rest on its wheels. >> the bus was never airborne and it didn't crash on any cars going airborne. >> we're fortunate more people weren't injured or killed. >> aaa atlantic nt out a press release saying this demonstrated the need for taller, stronger barriers on our bridgesnd
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overpasses. spokesmen said that is one of the thipgz they will be looking at during the course of this investigation. my colleague jackie bensen picks up the coverage from here in bethesda. jackie? >> thank you, craig. well, a total of 12 people were taken to local hospitals as a result of this crash. the bus passengers are from carlisle, pennsylvania, which is about 90 miles north of here. there were two groups on that bus. two people, a man and a woman, described as elderly have serious injuries. 're told they were at the smithsonian toda another group fared much better. it was two women and four children, the children ages six, nine, 11 and 12. they visited the national sdpzo toda today. parently one of the women had won the trip in some sort of prize. they were back home when tragedy
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struck. >> the bus crash that turned monday evening's rush hour into gridlock, the driver, identified as joseph claybaugh, suffered a seizure or possily a hear attack. someone grabbed the wheel as the vehicle ka reasoncareened out o, but the driver was smped over the wel, unconscious. the people were taken to a hospital in bethesda led by a trauma team of dr. bart reynolds. >> we had a trauma team here, we had nursing here, we pulled all our resources so we could care for a major trauma situation. the thipg that stands out about this accident is the fall seems pretty significant. the mechanisms, the physics behind it, i'm surprised there weren't more severe injuries. >> news4 spoke to the
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grandfather of three of the injured chirldren. >> they're doing fine. they're on their way home. tha thank god, it could have been a whole lot worse. a lot of the angels out there. >> some of th more seriously injured patient have already been released from the hospital tonight. that bus crash caused traffic headaches for thousands of drivers this evening. all of the northbound lanes of 270 were closed for about five hours. southbound lanes were open but traffic moved at a snail'space. police forced many drivers to turn around on the entrance ramps to keep the areas from getting even more congested. >> any idea how long you've been waiting? >> probably an hour, hour and 20 minutes. >> it's been a horrible headache, but it's all very sad about what happened in the
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terrible accident. >> once again, traffic now back to normal along 270. there should not be a impact to what happened earlier on t commute in the morning. now to the weather. a tropical system is moving into our area. it has already dropped historical rain amounts into parts of the carolinas. people were able to pick up sandbags in case of flooding here. doug caron is in the weather center. doug? >> since saturday, wilmington, north carolina has received 18 inches of rapin. it's been amazing how much rain they have seen. we're want going to see that much rain, but we're going to ee quite a bit, maybe two to five inches over the next 24 to 48 hours. we had a little bit of a respite. it came in earlier this afrnoon, then gave way to just some clearing skies, and now the rain is back into the forecast area. you can see that rain. you can also see that rain moving around the reasonable as
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well. it's ming back into the area, and we will continue to watch that rain moving in from the south. not just from the south as far as rain is concerned, but heavy rain down to the south as well. we'lzoom in and you can see that rain as it's made its way in here the last couple hours. and look at this. down towards north carolina, that's where the heavy rain is right now, and again, it will make its way toward our region over the next, say, six hours. flash flood watch in effect through tomorrow as well as wind advisory. i'll break it all down for you and let you know when the wind will move in and finally move out in my full forecast. >> thank you, doug. >> we have an update now on former prident jimmy carter. the former president said to be in good spirits tonight as he continues to recover from a stomach lment. mr. carter remains in a hospital in cleveland. his doctors determined that the likely cause of his discomfort was a viral infection that they ay is now clearing up. two book signings here in the d.c. area were canceled today. mr. carter will turn 86 on friday.
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still ahead on news4, flames tear through an apartment building, forcing some to scramble out of windows. one man never made it to safety. a really busy burglar hit again in fairfax. eight houses overnight and more than 80 crimes in all. plus, wait until you hear about amtrak's plan from d.c. to boston. they play their home finale tonight. could it be the final game for adam dunne in the nationals uniform? plus, mcnabb. two chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the darea, we figured they could e our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ]
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[ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. for good reason. first, he protted tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big rporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout.
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tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help.and again middle cde do. a man from the district was killed after jumping out of an apartment windowin an attempt to escape a fire. it happened in morning in the 3100 block of 16th street northwest, the columbia heights
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neighborhood. fire officials said that fire began on the fifth floor. orlando kawai said after smoke filled the frupt window, he and his upg he wincle tried getting lowering thems from a telephone extension cord. >> i got out to the first floor, jumped out from them, managed to get out to the dirt just with minor scratches. >> his uncle did not make it. he fe and was impaled on the fence below. the fire appears to be of suspicious origin. fairfax county police are working to track down a burglar who may be responsible for more than 50 home break-ins in just the last month. the crime spree started on august 24. eight burglaries were reported just last night. while most are home break-ins, there have also been thefts fr cars. dozens of new incidents are
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reported every week. some residents a concerned because the burglar often strikes while people are sleeping. >> i have a doberman a thryorkis and there was no barking from them. it's scary. >> the fear is there, and that's a maerm concern to us. we don't want homeowners hurt. >> the best way to prevent a burglary is to lock all dors and windows, including the doors and wip doze frndows from the g. gunfire erupted after a funeral on u street yesterday. 21-year-old andon miller is now facing a charge of murder police raided his house last night. they said they found several weapons inside. investigators say his car was also spotted at the cereal palsy of the shooting, a-- scen shooting and that led to a vehicle crash.
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21-year-old coates was killed. they're still looking for another suspect. details plans for a second bomb as they show t power of the first had it gone off. a car landed on the front porch of a house after the driver apparently lost control. doug will have more on hey ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? pital one bank. they're everywhere. yeah, you're right! ♪ [ male announcer ] capital one banks are everywhere. [ clang! ] with hundreds of branches and atms, they're hard to miss. hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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prosecutors say the man convicted of trying to sell off a car bomb in times square was planning to carryut a second attack had he not been arrested. vizal sha zad is in a hearing next week. theare urging them to send shazad to life in prison. they made this video simulation what would have happened had the bomb in his car not fizzled
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and failed to detonate. he told officials he hoped his bomb would kill at least 30 people. he was arrested 30 days after the incident on may 1st. he pleaded guilty in june. amtrak wants tobuild a high-speed rail line from baltimoreo boston. it wouldake 30 years to complete. new tracks would have to be laid. there is no definitive funding in place. the project would probably use a combinatioof public and proo private money. it could startin 2015. >> could you buy tickets now for that? >> with the same imaginary money they might spend building at that price. >> wow. >> so we keep talking about all this rainfall. is it raining yet? >> it's raining. >> it is. >> it is raining out there,nd
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this is what we talked about earlier, a little bit of rain today and the heavier rain moving in tonigt. earlier this afternoon, we saw the rain come i and then we saw it dry out considerably in the last couple hours and now the rain is back. do you want proof? look at this, rain on the camera lenses. we look out towards reagan national airport. the rain is falling. there are also some moderate showers out there well. height today was 69 degrees, low this morning 61. average highs around 74. it was cool a it was wet but the heaviest rain is yet to come. it's right around the i-95 correspond doo corrid corridor. we continue to see it around fairfax county, sait. mary's county, calvert county. we'll continue thooz rain. dry this afternoon and look at all this moisture making its way
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to the south. we'll continue to see this rain making its way to the district. where is it coming from? down towards north carolina, and this is just incredibly heavy rain since saturday. again, wilmington receiving nearly 18 inches of rain, but you can continueo go all the way down toward the caribbean just off miami. this is the remnant of tropical storm nicole. this moisture has to come up, and there is even more moisture behind that down towards cuba. so again, 're talking about a lot of rain, and tomorrow morning it could be falling around the area. if you're sending the kids off to school, make sure they take the umbrella, maybe the galoshes. 63 currently in sterling and in frederick, 65 down towards quantico. there's that moisture feed right out of the tropics making its way toward the region, and that's why i think we could easily see two to four inches of rain right along the i-95 corridor. one inch back toward the mountains and en more toward
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the eastern shore. people could pick up five irh inches, maybe more in some local areas. heavy rain, possible flooding rk, one to two inches overnight. most of the rain will be from the d.c. area to the west. we're going to watch most of that rain tomorrow night go toward the east. gusts of wind at 40 to 45 miles an hour and that's we had that wind advisory in effect. also a coastal flood watch, and there's that wind advisory. that includes calvert and st. mary's counties. as we move to the day tomorrow, this is what you can expect when you wake up. 60 to 65. tomorrow afternoon we'll see the rape early an again late in the day, both piing up, so of it heavy, becoming windy as well. 75 to 78 degrees, and there's your forecast showg things will get much nic friday
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afternoon, but the weekend is really when things settle down. temperatures in the 6 ons th0s . get those umbrellas ready, but some severe weather tomorrow. the wrong winner announced in a competiti on live tv. >> awww. >> it was terrible. >>
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or grilled all-white meat chicken fajitas served over a bed of sizzling peppers and onions. grab a friend and get one appetizer plus two entrees with chili's $20 dinner for two. talking football. what's up? >> to add even more smpice to this game, as if we needed any. the current quarterback situation with the eagles.
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see, mcnabb was traded because the back of kevin cobb was deemed to be ready to take over. and he did until he was injured in the season opener and replaced by michael vick. all vick has done since taking over was play the best football of his career. he's the highest rated quarterback in the league, no naming peyton manning. passing the ball, something we rarely saw himo in atlanta. he forced the eagles to stick with him as quarterback. when vick does decide to run, he's the most dangerous running quarterback in the history of the game. the most intriguing thing about vick's presence in philly is if never would have happened if donovan mcnabb hadn't pushed for it. >> obviously happy that donovan was instrumental in bringing me
11:25 pm
here. don is a great quarterback and a great competitor and i'm loing forward to this weekend. >> michael and i have been great friends for almost 15 years now. i'm just happy he's had this opportunity and he's flourished in it. he understands his role and is doing well. >> t philadelphia eagles against the raiders games and that's how you have to approach it. you can't get caught up in evrything that's going on because we have no personal ven did he tell detta against each other. >> imagine how many teams are kicking themselv for not signin michael vick. >> probably moerpre than a coup the way he's playing. speaking to a group of northern virginia business leaders today, leossis said he
11:26 pm
expected the nba to go the way similar to the nhl. doesn't sound like a big deal, but the nba is in the middle of negotiating a collective bargaining agreement and that's one of the negotiating agreements. nba commissioner david stern finally offered a cool $100,000. i think he probably has learned his lesson in the home if i nfi for the nats tonight. 7-1 tonight. perhaps the most disappointing thing is it could be the last game in a nationals uniform for adam dunne. let's say thank you for not losing 100 again. top two, no score, detweiler pitching to mike sweeney, and that is into the bull pen.
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swe sweeney did that almost exactly he same spot. detweiler is stunned. adam dunne receiving a standing ovation. i don't even think a home run would do it here for dunne. he said he was trying to swing as hard as he could don't. four strikeouts on the night for adam dunne. he is stuck on 38 home runs. he said heidn't really give much thought to the fact that this would be or could be his final home game here with the nats until we all started talking about it, so then h wanted to give everybody a couple home runs and it didn't work out too well. next, a man who started a
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there was a strange car crash in dayton, ohio. a car flipped over several times before ending up in a vertical position on somebody's front porch. it took several tow trucks to get the car out of there. incredibly, the drooiver is expected to recover. speed likely led to this accident. his name is joseph p petiville. he was videotaped tossing a man down two rose of seats after arguing with the man's daughter. cops up in new york arrested petiville for allegedly threatening to kill a neighbor who called him insane
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my big mistake on the finale of australia's next top model contest. the hostess mixed up which finalist actually won the prize last night. the name

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